McKees Rocks, PA is a Historic Town

McKees Rocks, PA is a History Lovers City

Every city, regardless of its size and location, will have something to define its past. McKees Rocks is not any different and offers some of the best ways to learn about its past and other neighboring areas. Therefore, if you are a real history buff and looking to know what defines this borough, here are some top places to check. McKees Rocks, PA  can be seen here.

McKees Rocks Historical Society 

If you love history, then you have to visit the McKees Rocks Historical Society. This is a place that you can go to if you are interested in learning more about all of the famous people that have lived in Pennsylvania. The historical society holds one of the largest genealogical societies in the country. It is great for people who have an interest in history and those who want to learn more about their ancestors. Click here to read about McKees Rocks, PA is a Hub of Theaters.

Rocks Indian Mound

The “Bottoms” neighborhood is the McKees Rocks Indian Mound site, designated as a National Historic Landmark. The oldest human bones in eastern North America have been discovered here during an excavation. For exclusive lessons about human evolution and other related histories, this is the place to be.