A Helpful Guide to the Parkway Theater in McKees Rocks, PA


The Parkway Theater in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania is a unique theater in that it is a very modern theater in many ways. It is built out of steel with all the trappings of a huge metal box and it features all the features that are expected in a theater and more. The Parkway Theater is located on Main Street in downtown McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, and it offers tickets to the various shows that are being shown on a weekly basis in addition to several live music performances that are also on hand. You can purchase tickets for these shows and other movies that are being featured on this venue as well. Click here for facts about McKees Rocks, PA.


The theater features a wide range of attractions that will entice a wide variety of people from all ages and backgrounds to visit. Some of the entertainment that you will find on this venue include a wide variety of shows for children and adults to watch. There are shows that are free to attend, there are shows that are going to cost a small fee, and there are also a number of tickets that are going to be sold for shows that are going to run long. You can also purchase tickets for shows that are going to run for the rest of the year if you would like. If you are looking for something that is a little bit different then you can always try going to see a show at the Parkway Theater that will feature both musicals and musical acts that are not musical. Read about Interesting Facts About St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania here.


The venue is located right on Main Street in downtown McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania and you will not have to worry about parking or walking from one show to the next. There is also a small parking lot that is located outside of the venue that you can park your vehicle in if you need to go inside and purchase something or go and check out what you want to buy. This parking lot is usually filled during the weekend so if you are attending the Parkway Theater on a weekend you might want to consider parking a little further away. You will also find that the theater has some great restaurants that will have food for sale as well. You can buy any type of food at this restaurant that you wish and it is all available for you to eat and enjoy at your leisure.