Here Is How Chemical Testing Works In Pennsylvania

A Pittsburgh DUI defense attorney will tell you about the importance of chemical testing in Pennsylvania. Not knowing how chemical testing works in Pennsylvania could result in harsher DUI penalties, including the loss of your license. Visit this link for more information.

Where Is Chemical Testing Performed?

As your Pittsburgh DUI defense attorney will explain to you, chemical testing is usually performed at a medical facility, such as a hospital emergency room. In some Pennsylvania jurisdictions, chemical testing is performed at a law enforcement agency. Read about How A DUI Lawyer Can Help You here.

Is It Required?

Motorists often ask their Pittsburgh DUI defense attorney if chemical testing is required in Pennsylvania. The answer is “yes.” Pennsylvania is what is known as an “implied consent” state. This means that, by virtue of the fact that you are driving in Pennsylvania, your consent to chemical testing for impairment is implied. Failure to submit to chemical testing will result in a mandatory one-year license suspension. An experienced Pittsburgh DUI defense attorney at Wyland Law Group may be able to have the suspension overturned, but this is difficult to do. The good news is that a Pittsburgh DUI defense attorney may be able to challenge the results of the chemical test.

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