Hit The Road And Explore These Interesting Destinations Near McKees Rocks

McKees Rocks, PA is home to many fun and interesting attractions, That being said, there are many great day trips that you can take with McKees Rocks as your starting point. Here are a couple of popular day trip destinations. Further facts about McKees Rocks, PA can be found here.

The Flight 93 National Memorial

As you probably recall, Flight 93 was the flight that did not hit its intended target on 9/11–thanks to the heroic efforts of its passengers and crew. This memorial – located in Shanksville, PA (about an hour and a half’s drive southeast of McKees Rocks, PA) – pays tribute to those heroes. This informative, somber, and reflective site draws visitors from across the U.S. Information about The Amazing Neighborhoods Surrounding McKees Rocks, PA can be found here.


Even if you haven’t heard of Fallingwater, you’ve surely seen pictures of it. Fallingwater was designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright and remains one of his most celebrated works. Built in the 1930s as a resort for a successful Pittsburgh department store owner, Fallingwater is also located about an hour and a half southeast of McKees Rocks, PA. If you leave McKees Rocks early enough, you could even combine a trip to Fallingwater with a trip to Shanksville.