Your Guide To Interlock Ignition Devices

In 2017, a law went into effect in Pennsylvania regarding Interlock Limited Licenses (ILLs). This law greatly expanded the number of drivers able to take advantage of ILLs, meaning that more Pennsylvanians can continue driving after a DUI conviction. If you are charged with a DUI, a DUI attorney in Pittsburgh can explain the ILL and the Interlock Ignition Device to you. Further facts about McKees Rocks, PA can be found here.

How Does The Device Work?

An Interlock Ignition Device prevents your vehicle from starting unless you path a breathalyzer test first. This ensures that you are always sober when starting your vehicle. You will also be required to re-test periodically while driving. The device is not free–it costs $100 to install, $100 to remove, and a monthly maintenance fee of around $75. Still, many Pennsylvanians find it cheaper than the costs of not being able to drive.Information about Chemical Testing In Pennsylvania can be found here.  

How Do I Get The License?

A DUI attorney in Pittsburgh can help you petition for an ILL. You would do this through PennDOT. There is a cost for this as well–a nonrefundable fee of $65. Again, as any DUI attorney in Pittsburgh will tell you, the hassle of getting the license is preferable to not driving.

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