McKees Rocks, PA Is Home To Many Thriving Industries

When people from other parts of the country think of Western Pennsylvania, they often picture rusted-out factories that have been shuttered for years. This unfair image couldn’t be further from the truth. Towns like Pittsburgh and McKees Rocks, PA are home to many dynamic and thriving industries. Here are some of the top industries in the McKees Rocks area. More can be found here.

The Legal Industry

McKees Rocks, PA and surrounding areas are home to many great lawyers and law firms, including the Wyland Law Group. Firms like the Wyland Law Group support a thriving legal industry in McKees Rocks, PA. See also about Day Trips From McKees Rocks, PA.

The Tech Industry

One of the post-industrial paths to success for McKees Rock and the Pittsburgh area has been the tech industry. A mini-Silicon Valley has popped up in Western Pennsylvania, with tech giants like Google opening outposts in the area. Tech companies are drawn to the area’s wealth of knowledge and talent, much of which comes from top-tier research institutions like Carnegie Mellon.


The healthcare industry is also booming in McKees Rocks, PA, and surrounding areas. For proof of this, look to the Pittsburgh skyline: the U.S. Steel Tower now bears the name of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC).