The History Of McKees Rocks Will Fascinate You

For a small town, McKees Rocks, PA has a lot of fascinating history. The history of this town goes back thousands of years in fact. Here is a brief overview. McKees Rocks, PA information can be seen at this link.

What’s In A Name?

The first thing that most people want to know about McKees Rocks, PA is how it got its unique name. It is believed that McKees Rocks, PA is named for the family of Alexander McKee, a settler to the area in the days when Pennsylvania was still a colony of England. The McKee mansion once entertained none other than George Washington himself. Discover facts about McKees Rocks, PA: City Of Industry.

Ancient History

Archeological evidence shows that McKees Rocks, PA is one of the oldest places of human habitation in the Northeast. The area ass home to a large Native American burial mound, dating back thousands of years. The mound no longer exists, unfortunately, but the area’s place in Native American history remains vital. 

McKees Rocks Today

Located near Pittsburgh, McKees Rocks, PA offers small-town charm and big-city amenities. McKees Rocks is home to many great local services, including the Wyland Law Group. If there is one constant in McKees rocks, it’s reinvention.