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Pennsylvania’s DUI laws are more complicated than those of other states. Due to strict laws such as implied consent, it is easy to end up facing a DUI prosecution. Worse, you may believe the system is treating you unfairly.

A consultation with a PA DUI lawyer or a criminal defense attorney may protect you from the legal system’s strong arm. You’ll need an attorney who can be reached quickly if you need immediate legal advice.

As your Pittsburgh DUI attorney, we will point out any gaps in the prosecutor’s report, as some DUI cases lack the required evidence. We will disprove all of the irrational accusations and claims made against you because we are legal experts who know the law from head to toe.

What Is a Criminal Defense?

An effective criminal defense strategy aims to challenge the prosecution’s evidence’s accuracy and volume. The prosecution, also known as the state, the people, or the United States for federal offenses, is the party attempting to prove the criminal charges leveled against you. The prosecution requires proof of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt.

As a result, if you have a case or have been accused of a crime, you should contact a lawyer or a criminal defense attorney for criminal defense.

Who are Criminal Defense Lawyers or Attorneys?

A criminal attorney, also known as a criminal defense lawyer, is an attorney who focuses on defending people, groups, and entities accused of crimes. In addition to handling criminal cases, many criminal defense attorneys represent clients. Criminal defendants are represented by attorneys in appellate, state, and federal courts. Certain jurisdictions classify criminal attorneys as “criminal law experts” based on their expertise and in-depth study of criminal law.”

The Following are Some of The Duties Carried Out by a Criminal Defense Lawyer and a DUI Lawyer:

1. Gathering information by speaking with the client and the witnesses.

2. Setting up a defense and a case theory by conducting a legal study.

3. Assembling proof to back up their claims and examining the evidence used against the client.

4. Creating, submitting, and debating motions on the client’s behalf.

5. Assembling experts to give testimony in court.

6. Talking with the prosecution and arranging a prospective plea deal.

Who is a DUI Lawyer?

A DUI lawyer is a criminal defense lawyer who focuses on DUI/DWI cases. DUI cases frequently constitute the majority of a public defender’s caseload. A DUI attorney is well-versed in the specific DUI laws of the state in which he practices. DUI lawyers can help you reduce DUI charges, reduce jail time for a DUI arrest, avoid having DUI charges on your record, and challenge a license suspension.

DUI Attorney Services in Charleroi- WYLAND LAW GROUP

You have the right to be aware of ALL of your legal options, so contact our DUI criminal defense attorneys in Charleroi, Pennsylvania, to learn how we can help. Our attorneys and defense attorneys are highly qualified, with decades of combined experience in criminal defense and a thorough knowledge of western Pennsylvania law.

Can Our DUI Defense Attorneys and Criminal Defense Lawyers Get Your Charges Dropped In Charleroi, PA?

Your specific situation has a significant impact on whether or not your criminal charges are dropped. Because of our years of experience and hundreds of cases, the likelihood that your charges will be dropped or significantly reduced with the assistance of our DUI criminal defense attorneys is higher.

Our attorneys are tenacious and astute litigators with years of combined experience in DUI criminal defense.

In a wide range of criminal defense situations, our law firm represents clients, including:

1. Personal injury as a result of intoxicated or drunk driving

2. Theft of a motor vehicle

3. Aggravated Assault in College and Law Degrees

4. Defense of Juveniles, and so on.

If you were recently detained or accused of any crime in Charleroi County, Pennsylvania, we want to hear from you. Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate any evidence that suggests you were coerced into committing the crime, acted in self-defense, or were subjected to other circumstances.

Why Is WYLAND LAW GROUP the Best DUI Criminal Defense in Charleroi, PA?

If you were recently detained or accused of any crime in Charleroi Country, Pennsylvania, we want to hear from you. Our attorneys will thoroughly investigate any evidence that suggests you were coerced into committing the crime, acted in self-defense, or were subjected to other circumstances. WYLAND LAW GROUP’s mission is to defend and uphold the rights of those who have been charged with a crime. We are committed to providing high-quality, easily accessible legal services. We have an excellent legal team led by Jacob Wyland, a former United States District Court deputy attorney and member of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. Our dedication is unrivaled, and our combined experience is unrivaled.

We assure you that while you are in our care, you can rest assured that your severe cases will be well taken care of. We understand the legislation, how the system works, and how to achieve our objectives.

We pledge to provide you with exceptional customer service in addition to excellent legal services. From the time of our initial consultation until the conclusion of your case, we will be responsive to your needs and available to you.


If you have been accused of any type of criminal activity, what you say and do next could affect the outcome of your case. Although the law states that you are innocent until proven guilty, a police officer may not treat you as such. It is better to remain silent and let an experienced DUI attorney fight for your rights.

Wyland Law Group’s criminal defense attorneys have dedicated professionals with years of experience practicing law involving criminal offenses. We will handle your criminal offense case with qualified legal representation to ensure a favorable outcome.

Please call us at (412) 710 0013 to schedule a free consultation.

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