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Have you ever encountered people being arrested and charged with DUI before? Were you the victim there or a witness? Did you have any personal injury? The state attorneys in the Pennsylvania association pursue stern charges against those detained and accused of DUI.

Wyland Law Group is a fully licensed and insured group that offers DUI and criminal defense lawyer services in Saxonburg, PA. Our criminal defense attorneys are highly trained and experienced.

Even if it is your first violation, a DUI can have major repercussions, not the least of which is the stigma associated with being found guilty of DUI. A DUI can alter your life because you risk losing your license, paying hefty penalties, paying court fees, taking the required driver education programs, and possibly going to jail.

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Who is a DUI Lawyer?

The job of a criminal defense lawyer is a lawyer who focuses on defending people and organizations accused of illegal behavior.

How do DUI Lawyers Work?

In essence, a DUI attorney assists you in understanding the precise allegations you are against. They also assist you in choosing a defense plan, manage any paperwork related to the case, and represent your work as their client in court.

What Does Our DUI & Criminal Defense Attorneys Do?

A DUI attorney can provide all the legal guidance required if you have been accused of driving while intoxicated. By putting up a compelling defense, a DUI attorney will work to ensure that the court case results as favorably to you as possible.

What Cases Do We Handle?

Apart from DUI, criminal defense lawyers handle various criminal cases, including domestic violence, embezzlement, and other offenses. Criminal defense lawyers counsel and advise their clients.

What Does Criminal Defense Mean?

You are entitled to legal representation in the criminal court, where preliminary hearings will occur. Your attorney is regarded as the criminal defense attorney because it is their responsibility to lawfully defend you in court or trial against the state’s accusations or the prosecutor.

According to the law, all of the state’s claims must be supported beyond a reasonable doubt by prosecutors. You have the right to have a jury or judge decide your case in most serious crime cases.

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When Do You Need A lawyer for a DUI/DWI Charge?

It’s challenging for someone without legal knowledge to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of DUI criminal charges or crimes. Every case’s facts are different, and DUI law is challenging and dynamic.

Therefore, consulting with a qualified DUI attorney can be beneficial. If you’re a first-time offender in a DUI case, it is a misdemeanor but it may be regarded as a felony if you repeat this crime.

Benefits of Hiring Our DUI & Criminal Lawyers In Saxonburg, Butler County

There are important facts as to why you should hire a DUI and criminal lawyer, such as:

They Understand the Legal System

It’s not a smart idea to represent yourself in court simply because you are technically allowed to do so. Frequently, it’s a one-way trip to a more severe punishment. The truth is that Pittsburgh has many laws about DUI-related issues.

They Can Get Your Sentence Reduced

In Pennsylvania, a first DUI conviction carries a sentence ranging from ten to one hundred twenty days in jail, $300 to $1,000 in fines, and a minimum of 20 hours of community service. And the more DUIs you have, the stiffer the sentence becomes. The good news is that a DUI attorney can aid your sentencing.

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They Can Get Your License Back

It makes sense that DUI offenses carry heavy penalties. In Pennsylvania, a first DUI conviction carries a sentence ranging from ten to one hundred twenty days in jail, $300 to $1,000 in fines, and a minimum of 20 hours of community service. And the more DUIs you have, the stiffer the sentence becomes. The good news is that a DUI attorney can aid your sentencing.

If it’s your first offense, your chances of obtaining a very lenient sentence through legal representation are better. Defense attorneys can ensure that the penalty is not as severe even if you’re a repeat offender.

They Might Be Able to Erase It From Your Record

In Pennsylvania, a lot of people make the error of believing that a DUI conviction will be expunged from their record after ten years. But that’s not the case. The disposition line will always exist, just like with every criminal arrest. Restricting access to records is the only way to get them erased. And in Pennsylvania, you must be completely acquitted of all charges to do that. Either that or the case needs to be dropped by the prosecution.

They Make the Case that Less Stressful

Any court case can be stressful; let’s face it. But because DUI offenses result in such severe punishments, they can be quite nerve-wracking. This is especially true if you depend on a court-appointed lawyer who doesn’t give a damn about your outcome.

However, having an experienced attorney on your side might provide you the peace of mind to stop worrying about your future case at all times. When you work with an excellent DUI lawyer, you can have peace of mind, but you shouldn’t take that for granted.

Best DUI & Criminal Defense Lawyers In Saxonburg, Butler County

If you are detained and accused of a crime in Pennsylvania PA, you should weigh your choices before pleading guilty. According to the law, you are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Our criminal defense lawyers at Wyland Law Group finally believe this, which is why we’re in business to protect our clients.

Our law firm is dedicated to working with you until we win your case.  The criminal lawyers in our legal team have been preparing and winning DUI cases for our clients. Our lead counsel, attorney Jacob W. Wyland, Esq, has a reputation as a top-rated defense lawyer in Pittsburgh.
A criminal charge can drastically impact your life. Even though you have been charged, the outcome is uncertain just because you have been. We handle all aspects of trials, appeals, or other types of proceedings. Contact us today for a free consultation and aggressive representation in Dui cases.

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