At the Wyland Law Group, we are proud of the positive feedback we’ve received over the years regarding the quality of our work and commitment to our client’s needs. If you are looking for an attorney, please consider what our former clients have to say.

Highly Recommend!

After consulting several attorneys, I chose Jacob to represent my son who was facing two firearms charges, including a Second Degree Felony. Many attorneys would not have put any effort into the preliminary hearing stage and would have waited for trial to develop a defense strategy.

Fortunately for us, Jacob researched a strategy to fight the charges at the preliminary hearing which resulted in both charges being dismissed. His preparation for the hearing was incredible and the Assistant DA didn’t stand a chance. If you are facing criminal charges, I would highly recommend choosing Jacob to represent you.


Jake Wyland is amazing

He fought hard for me to get my case dismissed. And just at that, he did. He was always there for me whenever I needed him. Always answered my questions honestly and with constant reassurance. Jake Wyland will truly fight for you and be there at every turn to see to it that you get the best defense one can offer. I am so fortunate to have had him as my attorney and would gladly have him again knowing he will fight for me as hard as he did every time.

Thanks again Jake for being the best at what you do. If you are ever in a bind, look no further Jake Wyland defense. A trusted attorney and an all around great person.


Exceptional Person

Very responsive. Very prepared and thoroughly researches all aspects of case. Extremely organized. Impressive speaker regarding presentation of case to judge. Empathetic and open to family involved by responding to their questions also. TOTALLY UP FRONT ON COST/FEES. Nothing hidden or confusing and felt confident we were not taken advantage of regarding costs unlike every other legal experience.

Amazing at explaining the process and what to expect and possibilities. Extremely Impressed!! Would recommend to anyone.


Beyond All Expectations

Jake was exceptional in my case. Not only was he successful in getting me a not guilty verdict but he also treated me with a respect that I have not gotten since I was charged. He never judged me and worked relentlessly on my case. I am very grateful to of been able to have him in my corner.


Hire without hesitation, extremely professional

I faced baseless allegations that if believed would have changed the trajectory of my life. After consulting with five (yes, five) attorneys, I chose to work with Jake, not only for his knowledge, but for his professionalism and demeanor. He’s very calm and strikes me as an all-around decent guy.

Charges were not brought against me. I can’t thank him enough for his counsel and guidance through one of the most ridiculous and awful situations I’ve faced.


Recommend Jake Wyland to anyone and everyone

I have never been in trouble in my entire life and I was incorrectly charged and he proved that and got my case dismissed. I would HIGHLY recommend Jake Wyland to anyone and I’m sure he will get you the best and the truth will come to light. He was the best.


Excellent Attorney – Saved My Career and Reputation

I highly recommend attorney Jacob W. Wyland for any criminal matter/complaint an individual faces. Attorney Wyland contacted me and informed me of a warrant I was facing in PA while I was in another state and eased my tension, anxiety and fears regarding the warrant. In addition, he walked me through the proper steps to address the warrant and was able to successfully have all charges dismissed.

During my court appearance I was the only defendant in the courtroom who had all charges dismissed. No plea deal, no reduced charges. I am eternally grateful to Attorney Wyland. I moved from PA and was not aware of the warrant or charges. His fees were reasonable and worth every penny. I highly recommend Attorney Wyland.

Dr. Price

Beyond Expectations

Words do not do justice for the relief I feel after being represented by Mr. Wyland.

From the very beginning, Jacob’s way of finding business did a service in helping me to even have knowledge of the legal situation coming my way. If it were not for his early knowledge of cases, I would have had no clue what was happening against me until something more unfortunate could have happened in the future.

Once we knew what was happening, Jacob guided us on what to expect from the very beginning; even the process involved with turning one’s self in & how to handle the system shock of what we were going to be exposed to. It was really a nightmare, but he made it not so traumatizing to deal with given the guidance from him of what to expect next in order to stay confident and not too personally burdened completely.

His knowledge from working both sides of the court system is extensive. Professional treatment, with at the fly available client interaction between Mr. Wyland or via his assistant Lisa.

If you are put in that same moment as I was with no experience of the justice system, and want to be represented honestly & fairly, then I would highly recommend Jacob Wyland as your legal aide. This man will do what is right if you do just the same by him in return. Thank you.


Fantastic lawyer

Jake is very good at what he does. He is down to earth and he does what he says. Very experienced and he did exactly what he said he would do and that was to get my criminal charges dropped down to a summary. Would recommend him to anyone that needs a great reliable attorney. I give him 5 stars!



Best Lawyer Around

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for hiring Jake as my attorney. I was in a very stressful situation being charged with a felony and a misdemeanor. I contacted many lawyers before Mr. Wyland.

He was the only one that broke down everything for me. He explained the situation I’m in and the possible outcomes before even hiring him! He truly seemed to care, that’s when I made the decision to hire him.

The day of my preliminary hearing I was very nervous. When Jake showed up, he looked very confident. That’s when I knew everything was going to be fine. Before my hearing, he went in a room with the DA and the Magistrate. Then after not long, he come out of the room and said ALL CHARGES ARE DROPPED.

I was in shock that Jake was able to get the charges dropped without me actually having a hearing. He is hands down the best lawyer around and has saved my life.

I’m very glad I chose Jake wyland to represent me. He truly is one of the best!


The “Best of the Best”

Being a law abiding citizen all my life…I, like most people “slipped up”. I was “heartsick” about having a blemish on my name. Jake laid all my fears to rest and successfully handled the issue.

Have had associations with attorneys in the past however Mr. Wyland is by far….. “THE BEST”!!!…When you look up the definition…. *Attorney at Law*: There should be a picture and contact number/email for….. Jacob Wyland!
“Highly recommended” is not a high enough term.
Thanks again Jake!



Mr. Wyland is a very caring and awesome lawyer. He cares about you and will make sure that he gets all the facts. He will stand by you and never let you down.

He did what was right and made sure I wasn’t charged for a situation that I was honestly trying to help a neighbor who lied to me and tried to blame me for his actions.. I would recommend him to anyone who is truly honest about the facts.


Criminal Defense at its best!

Mr. Wyland,

I greatly appreciate your efforts in accepting my case. You are a true professional when it comes to Law. Not only am I pleased with the outcome of my case, but so was my brother Jason Naquin. My family will continue to use your practice in any situation that may arise when it comes to law whether it being advise or taking a case head on.

Having my case dismissed & beating my brother’s DUI is remarkable. Hopefully we won’t need your expertise in the future, but if something does happen that pertains to protecting my rights as an American you will be the first phone call I will make because I know you have my back. Thanks again for taking my case & having such a positive outcome. If there is something I can ever do for you please don’t hesitate contacting me.

Jerry F. Naquin Jr.

A++++++++ Lawyer

He was so kind. He met me on a Saturday. He went through and explained everything step by step. My mother and boyfriend came with me and he glad answered their questions as well. He was so kind and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. He had my best interest in mind through the process. He put me and my family at ease.

On the day of the hearing he met me before hand and went over one last time what was going to happen. I didn’t want to go inside due to the other side of the case, so he let me stay outside and only brought me in at his side when it was time. I made zero contact with the other party thanks to Jacob.

One of my charges was withdrawn before I even stepped foot in front of the judge and the other was dismissed. This is all thanks to Jacob and his hard work. He continues to take my phone calls and return them in a reasonable time. I recommend Jacob to anyone in need of a defense lawyer. I will definitely keep this guy on my side.


Thorough and Consistent

I speak on behalf of my son and myself as his mother. I am very pleased with Jake’s professionalism, taking his time to explain the process of my son’s situation. I am not experienced with the terms or the process of anyone being incarcerated.

I appreciate him being patient with me and always keeping me informed and updated through the numerous court dates and hearings. He even took the time to call my son’s grandmother and fill her in on everything!

If anyone ever needs a lawyer, Jake Wyland and only Jake Wyland would be my suggestion!


Excellent Attorney

I would highly recommend Jacob Wyland to anybody who needs help with a legal issue. He is very professional, excellent with communication and will not pass judgment on you.

I am a single mother who was charged with a second DUI. I was so scared I was going to jail and leaving my kids behind. Jacob was there for me and explained everything 100% at each step. The result of my case was house arrest. I was relieved that I would still be home with my children and be able to keep my job. I was highly satisfied with the outcome of my case.


Competent, Reliable, and Comforting

Having owned and operated a collection agency for 20 years, I have become familiar with the legal process through my work with attorneys. Jake Wyland has proven to be an exceptional attorney in the matter he handled for my daughter. He is an excellent communicator and his experience as a litigator was a benefit to our case.

Never overbearing, a good listener and always does what he says he’s going to do. I would recommend Jake highly to anyone looking for the best representation in the criminal courts.


Thorough, Thoughtful, Looking Out for My Best Interest

I was very satisfied with Jake’s representation because I felt like he truly cared about my case. He definitely took the time to discuss everything with me. Jake’s accessibility was amazing, and he always got back to me – even if he didn’t have an answer to my question yet he would call to let me know what he was doing to work on it.

I am happy and satisfied with the outcome of my case. I would most certainly recommend Jake to others.


Very Professional

We had a difficult situation. Jake was always available to answer questions or to intervene when needed so that our situation didn’t get any worse. The knowledge that Jake has with both sides of the law makes him a valuable asset to have as a lawyer.

Throughout the whole process, Jake is always reachable or will return calls and keeps you informed and updated of what’s happening. He is one of the best lawyers we have had the opportunity to work with.

George and Jennifer

Amazing, worth every penny and then some!

When I was charged with my DUI my “friends” were telling me that I didn’t need a lawyer. I still wanted to at least talk to one. I called several lawyers and Jake was the most informative and down to earth one I spoke with. He took the time to fully explain how these things usually go and the options that I would have along the way. Most importantly he made sure they made sense to me and I wasn’t even his client yet!

Once I decided to go with him as my lawyer it got even better. He was more than accessible throughout the entire process, answering all of my questions along the way. He made sure that he was by my side during the entire process. At the end of it all, he was able to get me in the ARD program and that was WAY more than the DA was offering originally.

In short, I was more than happy with his service and more than happy that I chose Jake! If you are reading this, do yourself a favor and go with Jake as your lawyer for whatever your case is for. I highly recommend Jake!/p>


Professional and Very Helpful

I was extremely satisfied with how Jake represented me because he returned my calls immediately, made me feel completely at ease and comfortable talking to him. He always took the time to explain every aspect of my case to me. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of my case and very pleased when it was over.

I would absolutely recommend Jake to others. I have even kept his address and phone number for myself in case I ever need his services in the future. (Which I personally hope I wouldn’t need legal services again but you never know.) 😉


With Much Gratitude

When I met with Jake to discuss my situation, he listened, and then promised to be with me every step of the way and said we would get through this together. Jake did exactly as he said he would. As a businessman in the service world, I couldn’t ask for anything more. Jake will always have my respect, and I will highly recommend him to others.


Exceptional Lawyer

Mr. Wyland put up a formidable defense in my case and I can say with absolute certainty that I need a lawyer again, he is the first choice. Most of the charges were dropped or considerably reduced.

There was a perfect balance of flow of information to me about what was happening, and actions taken in my defense. He did a sublime job and I am a satisfied client. Look no further for your needs in court.


No doubt the right choice

Jacob put me at ease about my situation with our first consultation. He listened with both ears to every word I said and took handwritten notes. At no time did he interrupt or speak unless he needed clarification. He has no preconceived notions. Only after clearly listening and understanding the facts from both sides did he lay out my options. Jacob is very responsive and either he personally, or his right hand was in contact throughout the whole ordeal. I wish I could review the front desk. She is 5 star also. Once we decided on a plan he told me what to expect and he was dead on right every step of the way.

He’s there when you need him, to say the least. He knows his area of expertise very well and brought about a surprisingly good outcome to what to me seemed a hopeless situation. I’d recommend Jacob Wyland to family, friends, neighbors, and anyone who needs a truly professional criminal defense lawyer.


First Time Offense – DUI – Out of State Residence

I was very fortunate to have Mr. Wyland represent me on my DUI arrest. I was visiting from out of state and was pulled over with a BAC above the allowed amount. Trying to manage this situation would have been a nightmare without Mr. Wyland’s help. He explained everything to me and educated me on the entire process involved. He was able to move my case along very quickly (others that I met seemed to have their cases drag on and on). His efficiency and ability to schedule my hearings, interviews, and classes was very important, considering that I had to come from out of state. This allowed me to take care of everything with a minimum of travel.

Jake’s communication skills (emails and phone calls) were excellent. His assistant, Lisa, was terrific also. I felt they were both very professional and reassuring. I knew exactly where to go, when to go, and was even physically shown the places where I needed to be. Because of this, I was never late and was never confused about what to do (lessening the stress I was going through). They treated me with dignity, despite my offense. He provided very good follow up with me also – he continued to help and consult with me even after my responsibilities in Pennsylvania were completed.

I recommend Mr. Wyland and his firm very strongly. The made a painful process as painless as possible.


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