The crime rate in the city of Pittsburgh has been on a steady increase this year, and this trend is becoming worrying on a lot of levels. One of which is the fact that many of the victims of these crimes are young people.

In the course of this year alone, there have been 20 homicides and 50 non-fatal shootings in the city. This represents about 80% and 90% increase in the respective crimes from the same period last year.

A lot is being done by the authorities to arrest this violent trend and make the city safer for everyone. The police are sending in Community Resource Officers (CROs) and Neighborhood Resource Officers (NROs) to feel the pulse of the communities and identify any pain points while also figuring out how they can help to alleviate them.

Other groups, including the Group Violence Intervention, have also increased their outreach, all in a bid to curb the violence. There is also someone else in the community that is doing something to help. Jacob Wyland is a criminal defense attorney and is offering his services to those who have been accused of any crime in Pittsburgh.

Work With Jacob Wyland, An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Being charged with a crime is never a pleasant situation for anyone. It can be a life-altering event, but being charged does not have to mean that it will end in a sentence. The criminal justice system is structured in such a way that respects the rights of citizens. It falls on the government to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the person they are accusing is guilty. This is where you would need the services of a seasoned criminal lawyer like Jacob Wyland.

Jacob Wyland is a Criminal Defense Attorney who runs a law firm, Wyland Law Group in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He spent 5 years working in Harrisburg as a Deputy District Attorney and another 9 years as a Defense Attorney. During that period, he has handled thousands of cases, including felony drug cases, criminal homicides, thefts, DUIs, assaults, burglaries, and so on.

He is bringing his wealth of experience to represent people that have been accused of crimes in Pittsburgh during this period. He is dedicated to protecting and defending the rights of people who have been accused, and he has the experience to make it happen. He understands the law and how the system works, and he can make it work for you. 

There are several testimonials from several clients whose cases he had gotten tossed out of court, and he can do the same for you. You can visit the Wyland Law Group official website to book a consultation.