An unfortunate and distressing occurrence, a vehicular accident involving a DUI is never a good circumstance to find one’s self in. When injuries are involved, it complicates the matter even further, and the driver may be blindsided by this. Driving while intoxicated is a serious charge in and of itself, but when the driver injures another during the crime, there are significant additional penalties with far-reaching consequences. Some of these may affect the driver for the rest of their life.

When an individual finds him or herself charged with a DUI involving injuries in Pittsburg, PA, additional charges may include a felony charge of aggravated assault. A conviction of this charge will leave the driver with up to ten years in jail, as well as a $25,000 fine. Furthermore, if the accident involved a fatality as a result of the accident, vehicular homicide is also likely to be added. Should a conviction of this charge occur, the driver will be sentenced a mandatory prison term of three years, in addition to a $25,000 fine for each fatality as a result of the accident in question. Moreover, a felony conviction on the driver’s personal record may sully that individual’s future permanently, affecting employment and reputation irreparably.

The distinction between a DUI charge and a DUI conviction is an important one. An arrest and subsequent charge are very different than a conviction, and a skilled attorney can provide an aggressive and experienced defense. A good DUI defense attorney is a necessity under these circumstances.

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