One of the unexpected effects of the coronavirus has been the reduction in the crime rate. In Pennsylvania, police have seen a noticeable drop in crime and traffic accidents since the beginning of the pandemic. Pennsylvania State Police compared arrest and incident data from before the first confirmed coronavirus case in the state with data from mid-April, and they found that the amount of crime and automobile accidents had plummeted.

Across the state, the total number of criminal cases investigated by Pennsylvania State Police decreased by 86%. Property crimes were down 87% and vehicle crashes were down 68%, while total arrests and DUI arrests had dropped 77% and 69%, respectively.

According to, “During the seven-day period in late February, troopers statewide investigated 2,317 criminal offenses compared to just 316 the most recent week in April. There were 667 property crimes reported statewide during the seven-day period in February compared to 89 last week and 1,235 crashes were reported during the week in February versus 391 a week ago. Total arrests were 1,286 in February versus 301 last week and DUI arrests were 420 during the February period versus just 129 a week ago.”

While the stay-at-home order has contributed to lower crime rates, it may be having the opposite effect on domestic cases. A Westmoreland County police chief notes that, while the total number of criminal cases has decreased, he has “seen an increase with domestic-argument related cases.”

Criminal charges in a domestic case often result from the escalation of a verbal fight during an emotional confrontation, poor judgment, or erratic behavior due to intoxication. Most people, at one time or another, have said or done something in anger that is out of character and that they later regret. While criminal conduct toward another person is never acceptable, an isolated lapse in judgment or the irrational response of an otherwise good person in an emotional situation should not warrant a disproportionately severe punitive response.

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