A DUI is a problematic and distressing item to have on one’s record, and many Pennsylvanians have experience with DUI situations. Once a DUI is on the record, a driver may wonder how long their record will reflect this change, and how a DUI may affect their life moving forward.

Driving while intoxicated is a serious charge, and there are significant consequences after a DUI conviction. Some of these may affect the driver for the rest of their life. The distinction between a DUI charge and a DUI conviction is an important one. An arrest and subsequent charge are very different than a conviction, and a skilled attorney can provide an aggressive and expert defense. A good DUI defense attorney is a necessity under these circumstances. 

In the state of Pennsylvania, a DUI conviction will remain on a driver’s record for life. The exception to this rule is when the DUI record is expunged or given limited access relief. A DUI conviction is a matter of public record. This means that it is reflected in a driver’s criminal background and credit records. A DUI conviction is also available in a driver’s insurance and driver’s license history. This can have long-lasting consequences for the convicted driver. 

In Pennsylvania, the state will update the driver’s record, which will reflect the details of the offense. In addition, financial reporting agencies will also receive a notification of the change in the driver’s record. This means that the DUI conviction data may be incorporated into the driver’s credit history. 

These consequences can affect the driver’s future in a number of ways including employment opportunities, the rental of a car or home, and insurance inquiries. Whenever a background check or credit report is completed on the convicted driver, the details of the DUI conviction will appear. A DUI conviction in the state of Pennsylvania can be expunged under limited circumstances, and an experienced attorney can help to maneuver this process.

The best option for a driver facing a DUI charge is to avoid conviction in court. A trusted and experienced attorney can offer expert legal aid toward this end. If a DUI conviction occurs, having an experienced and dedicated attorney can help to mitigate the life-long consequences of this conviction.

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