Reasons to Trust Our DUI Attorney

Finding a suitable law company that values customers can be hard. Most focus on cash, while others offer better services but unreliable and judgmental. Wyland Law Group provides excellent solutions all around. We are respected and trusted around Pittsburgh for many reasons. More can be found here.

24-hour Services

Wyland Law Group is a reliable law office with lawyers working 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Our target is to make sure you call us any time you need our services. Furthermore, we don’t procrastinate or become unresponsive as we respond promptly. You can trust our company to offer the needed help any time of the day or night. Learn more about What Makes Our DUI Attorney Exceptional.

Free Case Assessment 

It’s devastating to pay for the consultation, and then the lawyer fails to work on your lawsuit. With our company, we first listen and define if you fit that group. We offer free case evaluation. 


As a top-rated law office, all our services are highly praised and appreciated by our customers. This is proved by our ratings on google and many positive reviews on our site.