When you find yourself in a legal situation where every word you say could be used against you, the least you can do is hire the best criminal defense attorney to fight for you. Criminal charges can result in either incarceration for years or a slap on the wrist, such as community service. Only the best criminal defense attorneys can get you the second option, a happy ending.

On the other hand, finding the best counsel for your case can be difficult because most criminal defense attorneys promise only the best results. However, if you follow the rules of the search, you can get it right with a criminal attorney who will provide you with a soft landing.

Continue reading to learn more about choosing criminal defense attorneys for your case.

Choosing the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA

When you face possible criminal convictions or have other minor criminal charges on your neck, getting the best criminal defense lawyer gives you a chance at freedom.

So, here are the things to consider when searching.

Choose an Experienced Attorney

The law is complex, and understanding some of its deeper dimensions takes years of experience. This is not meant to belittle interns, paralegals, junior partners, or any other legal practitioner working in the criminal justice system. However, there are some aspects of the law that only experienced criminal defense attorneys can claim to fully comprehend.

Criminal defense attorneys with experience know the law like first-grade rhymes. They’ve tipped the scales in favor of clients in desperate situations. Prosecutors, white-collar crime, judges, and everyone in between are all familiar with criminal attorneys. So, if you want a good chance at freedom, you need the advantage that an experienced criminal defense lawyer can provide.

You can begin by conducting research on these attorneys. Examine their website, ask family, friends, or random sources about their experience, or simply ask them.

Review their History with Similar Cases

The best criminal defense lawyer for your case should have a track record of numerous criminal law victories. While experience is important when making a decision, those years may not always be meaningful. A criminal defense attorney may have over 7 years of experience but only win a few criminal trials.

It’s fine to be skeptical if the lawyer boasts of a track record of successfully discharging and acquitting potential felons. So, check with trusted sources such as friends, family, previous clients, reviews, testimonials, and their websites. Some of the evidence you require can be found on their websites, and any attorney or law firm without a website is unprofessional.

Choose a Criminal Lawyer Who’s a Specialist in your Case

You have the right to defense counsel regardless of the crime. Sometimes you are aware that you may be sentenced to jail time, and a defense attorney can reduce it to a fine or community service. However, your chances of receiving this light penalty or sentence are higher with criminal law specialists than with property crime lawyers.

The expertise and competitive advantage that specialization provides is still unrivaled, and you must capitalize on it. A criminal defense attorney understands the odds and the various outcomes or probabilities that may occur. As a result, they can strategize, investigate thoroughly, and provide you with a smooth landing.

Weigh Interest, Communication, and Response Rate

When you get caught up in the web of the law, whether you’re innocent or not, there’s a 50% chance it’ll ruin your life and a 50% chance you’ll walk away unscathed. However, if you have a criminal defense lawyer who is genuinely interested in your case, you can avoid a negative outcome. Aside from demonstrating genuine interest, communication and response rates should be encouraging.

To demonstrate that he understands the importance of time in preliminary hearings, the lawyer must respond promptly to emails, phone calls, and text messages. Communication should also be clear and concise in order to demonstrate expertise in the field. Finally, a genuine interest in your case means that the lawyer will go to any length to ensure that you receive the best sentence possible.

When looking for a Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyer, you won’t go wrong if you consider these three factors.

Weigh The Attorney’s Courtroom Confidence

When your criminal case goes to trial, you want to know that your attorney has the courtroom confidence to defend you in both state and federal courts. Standing in front of a judge and objecting to the prosecution’s counsel necessitates high verbal confidence and poise.

You can tell if a criminal defense lawyer lacks these qualities by their appearance, tone, choice of words, and dress. Hand over your case if the lawyer is well-dressed, knows his legal jargon, and exudes confidence. If you proceed with the lawyer in your case without these qualities, you will be taking risks.

However, if the lawyer meets all of the criteria in this checklist but falls short on confidence and poise, it is still safe to hire them.

This is the only exception to the rule because criminal lawyers who have them will appear to have inner confidence and experience.

Get the Best Defense Attorney for Your Case

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