Here Is How A DUI Lawyer Can Help Your Case

One question that many Pittsburgh, PA residents ask is, “Do I really need to call a DUI lawyer in Pittsburgh if I am charged with a DUI?” The answer is an emphatical, “Yes.” While many people assume that DUI charges are cut-and-dry, this is not usually the case. There are many ways that a DUI lawyer in Pittsburgh – such as the Wyland Law Group – can help you if you are charged with a DUI. McKees Rocks, PA can be seen here.

Filing A Motion To Suppress

One of the most important things that a DUI lawyer in Pittsburgh can do for your case is file what is known as a “motion to suppress.” This motion suppresses evidence that is submitted at your trial. Often, arresting officers in Pennsylvania do not follow proper procedure. Evidence gathered at – or after – the time of your arrest is not always admissible in court. A DUI lawyer in Pittsburgh can get this evidence thrown out. Click here to read about Keys To DUI Defense.

Reducing Your Sentence

A DUI lawyer in Pittsburgh may be able to reduce your sentence. For instance, by striking a plea bargain or entering a program, you may be able to avoid a mandatory minimum prison sentence. 

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