A Brief Guide To DUI Law

DUI defense in Pittsburgh is easier when you understand how DUI penalties work in Pennsylvania. Here in Pennsylvania, there is a three-tiered system to determine DUI penalties. This is how it works in many other states as well. How does the three-tiered system function in Pennsylvania? More on that below. Remember, if you have any questions, call an attorney at the Wyland Law Group who provides DUI defense in Pittsburgh. McKees Rocks, PA information can be seen at this link.

Tier One

Tire one, also called General Impairment, is the lowest tier and has the lightest penalties. If your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is between .08 and .099 percent, you fall into this tier. If it is your first offense, there is no mandatory imprisonment under Tier One. It is easier to mount DUI defense in Pittsburgh if your DUI is a tier-one offense. Discover facts about When To Hire A DUI Attorney.

Tier Two

DUI defense in Pittsburgh gets more complicated at Tier 2 (High Rate DUI). This refers to a BAC of .1 to .159. There is a two-day mandatory jail sentence, even if it is your first offense. The fine is also increased.

Tier 3

DUI defense in Pittsburgh gets even more complicated at Tier 3 (a BAC of .16 and above). For first offenses, this carries 3 days of mandatory jail time and an even higher fine.

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