Attorneys for Shoplifting: Prosecution for Retail Theft/Shoplifting

If you have been in a retail establishment, chances are good you have experienced firsthand the consequences of shoplifting. Admit it or not, taking merchandise without permission can result in both civil and criminal legal actions being brought against you, so it is always wise to be informed of all potential legal consequences should you engage in retail theft. [...]

5 FAQs about Pennsylvania Criminal Law

When someone is accused of a crime, thousands of questions will run through their head. Especially when someone's future is on the line, there are no stupid questions. The Wyland Law Group is home to a premier Pennsylvania criminal attorney - Jacob Wyland. In this post, you can find the answers to 5 FAQs about criminal law in Pennsylvania. What [...]

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Over 20k People Faced Marijuana Arrests in PA Since the Start of COVID-19

In Pennsylvania, marijuana arrests during the COVID-19 pandemic are at an all-time high, even with unprecedented public health risks. The marijuana advocacy group NORML recently compiled data from Pennsylvania State Police and found that 20,200 residents were arrested for marijuana possession last year. If you or a loved one faces a marijuana charge, Wyland Law Group can help you navigate Pennsylvania’s [...]

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Criminal Defense Strategy In McKees Rocks, PA

What Are Your Rights If You Are Arrested In McKees Rocks, PA? If you are arrested in McKees Rocks, PA, you have certain unalienable rights. But what are those rights exactly? And how should you use them? Should you remain silent, for example? These are questions that many McKees Rocks residents have. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, the Wyland [...]

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Understanding Pennsylvania’s Tiered DUI Penalty System

A Brief Guide To DUI Law DUI defense in Pittsburgh is easier when you understand how DUI penalties work in Pennsylvania. Here in Pennsylvania, there is a three-tiered system to determine DUI penalties. This is how it works in many other states as well. How does the three-tiered system function in Pennsylvania? More on that below. Remember, if you [...]

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The 3 Levels Of DUI In Pennsylvania Explained

In the early 2000s, Pennsylvania lawmakers established 3 distinct levels of DUI penalties. This tiered approach is similar to DUI categories in several other states. Each category focuses on both treatment and punishment for DUI offenders. In Pennsylvania, the 3 levels of DUI impairment are: General Impairment High Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) Highest BAC We will explain each level [...]

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DUI Checkpoint Laws In Pennsylvania

Know Your Rights Concerning DUI Checkpoints Pittsburgh, PA DUI checkpoints are a major source of frustration. But are they necessary? This is a question we get all the time. We thought we would answer it here. It is important to know your rights concerning Pittsburgh, PA DUI checkpoints.  Turning Around If you do spot a DUI checkpoint in Pittsburgh, PA, [...]

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