Over 20k People Faced Marijuana Arrests in PA Since the Start of COVID-19

In Pennsylvania, marijuana arrests during the COVID-19 pandemic are at an all-time high, even with unprecedented public health risks. The marijuana advocacy group NORML recently compiled data from Pennsylvania State Police and found that 20,200 residents were arrested for marijuana possession last year. If you or a loved one faces a marijuana charge, Wyland Law Group can help you navigate Pennsylvania’s [...]

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Pennsylvania Boating Under the Influence Laws Get More Strict This Summer

With Summer Beginning, Stricter Pennsylvania Boating Under the Influence Laws Are Sought After As summer is starting to kick in, Pennsylvania is beginning to seek changes that can keep people safer while outdoors. Since many people spend their day outdoors during the summer, it is important to keep people safe in the water as they are on the road and [...]

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Jury Trials Still Suspended Due to Coronavirus Lockdown

Coronavirus Lockdown Leading to Jury Trial Suspension When it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, it is having a lot of effects on many different aspects in the world for so many people. One thing that is affected as a result of the pandemic is that jury trials are suspended. With jury trials still being suspended, Wyland Law Group shares [...]

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When Is Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) Right?

Find Out If Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Is The Right Choice For You Many Pittsburgh residents believe that Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) will get them out of jail if they are convicted of a DUI. Some people see this program as a lifetime “get out of jail free card.” While ARD does have many benefits, it does not quite work this [...]

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Marsy’s Law Pennsylvania | Well Intentioned, but Poorly Written

On November 5th, 2019, Pennsylvania voters will cast their ballot for a proposed amendment that would create constitutional protections for crime victims. The description of the amendment, as it will appear on the ballot, seems reasonable at first.  However, there are many problems with this measure (apart from the procedural irregularities that serve as the impetus [...]

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New Pennsylvania Driver’s License Suspension Reform Law

Governor Wolf signed into law House Bill 163 on October 24, 2018, which removes driver’s license suspension as a penalty for certain non-violent crimes that are not related to driving. These include minor drug offenses, using a fake ID, misrepresentations of age to buy alcohol, underage drinking, purchase of tobacco by a minor, and failing to pay child support.  [...]

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