Coronavirus Lockdown Leading to Jury Trial Suspension

When it comes to the coronavirus pandemic, it is having a lot of effects on many different aspects in the world for so many people. One thing that is affected as a result of the pandemic is that jury trials are suspended. With jury trials still being suspended, Wyland Law Group shares that there are many aspects involved that you should know to break down the whole thing. Some things to pay attention to when it comes to jury trials still being suspended due to the coronavirus lockdown include:

  • Restoration In Areas

  • Jury Trial Suspension

  • Safety Of Everyone Involved

  • Court Filings, Deadlines, & Time Limitations

  • What Does This Mean For My Case?

Restoration In Areas

There are some limited aspects of courts being restores when it comes to their operation. With that being said, priority is being given to important matters as it is important to focus on safety still. To keep people safe, many places have adjusted to handling all types of situations remotely.

Jury Trial Suspension

Jury trials are still suspended at this time and will continue that way for now. This includes both criminal and civil jury trials that are suspended. This is being done to keep everyone safe, healthy, and distant from one another. As a jury trial requires a lot of people to be together in one small space, people should be separated at the moment due to the coronavirus pandemic. This will eventually be opened in the future, but at the moment they remain suspended.

Safety Of Everyone Involved

The reason everyone is staying distanced and things are being suspended and delayed are for the safety of everyone involved in these trials. This includes the judges, court staff, and users. Due to the pandemic, measures are being taken to increase all distancing possible by restricting access to court facilities in-person. Technology is being utilized to currently keep things moving along while keeping a distance from one another. With that being said, some proceedings are still being held in person if necessary, but with strict safety measures. 

Court Filings, Deadlines, & Time Limitations

May 11th of 2020 is the date that suspension of deadline and time calculations will end, as well as prior orders that were related to payments to Magisterial District Courts. Wyland Law Group shares that any attorney can file a certification with the court if they feel time deadlines can create a health and safety danger. With that being said, all in-person contact needs to be limited as much as possible through the use of other methods, such as technology and remote communication.

What Does This Mean For My Case?

When it comes to your case, Wyland Law Group shares that you need to follow all of the guidelines, dates, and safety measures like everyone else. While your case may be important, your health and safety are just as important and so is everyone else’s. For anyone that has any pending cases against them, they should get in touch with Jacob Wyland for assistance.