The State Of Pennsylvania Sees A Decline In Crime As A Result Of The Pandemic

When it comes to the coronavirus pandemic in Pennsylvania, Wyland Law Group points out that it is having effects on crimes. There has been a rather incredible decline in crime due to Coronavirus lockdowns in Pennsylvania. While some other things are also on the decline for the better, some other aspects are worsening because of the coronavirus pandemic. Aspects that highlight the drop off in crime in Pennsylvania due to the coronavirus pandemic include:

  • Coronavirus Is Affecting Many Things

  • Crime And Crashes Decrease

  • Statistics And Comparison

  • Reasons For The Decline

  • Effects On Domestic Violence

Coronavirus Is Affecting Many Things

The coronavirus is having a big effect on many things in the world. From financial issues to crimes, the pandemic is affecting every person in the world in one way or another. It is even affecting most people in multiple aspects, both for the better and worse.

Crime And Crashes Decrease

The big change that is currently taking place is the decline in the number of crimes and crashes taking place in Pennsylvania. With a decline, fewer people are getting hurt as a result. 

Statistics And Comparison

When it comes to crimes, traffic accidents, and other cases and charges, there are many statistics available that show what is being affected and to which degree. In the available statistics for Pennsylvania, stats are tracked through comparing the week of February 22 to 28 to the week of April 11 to 17. Four notable categories where you can see a decline in cases include:

  • Property Crimes: Down 87%

  • Vehicle Crashes: Down 68%

  • Total Arrests: Down 77%

  • DUI Arrests: Down 69%

As you can see, all of these categories are at a decline due to people staying home and social distancing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. To compare one change that has occurred, arrests in DUI cases have declined by about four times less than the normal amount of cases that usually occur.

Reasons For The Decline

With fewer people socializing and more people social distancing, there are fewer possibilities for crimes to take place. This is a good sign and shows that most people are listening to the orders being given as they are staying home and social distancing. With people social distancing by staying home and driving less as a result, there are many fewer traffic accidents taking place. With fewer people driving, there is also a decline in drinking while driving, which means the amount of DUIs is also less.

Effects On Domestic Violence

Since more people are staying home and traveling and going out less, there is an increase in domestic violence as people are together in their homes for longer periods. With that being said, Wyland Law Group wants to be there to help you in any case that you may need help in. Whether this is a domestic violence case, or for another case, you should contact Wyland Law Group for assistance.