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5 FAQs about Pennsylvania Criminal Law

When someone is accused of a crime, thousands of questions will run through their head. Especially when someone's future is on the line, there are no stupid questions. The Wyland Law Group is home to a premier Pennsylvania criminal attorney - Jacob Wyland. In this post, you can find the answers to 5 FAQs about criminal law in Pennsylvania. What [...]

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Over 20k People Faced Marijuana Arrests in PA Since the Start of COVID-19

In Pennsylvania, marijuana arrests during the COVID-19 pandemic are at an all-time high, even with unprecedented public health risks. The marijuana advocacy group NORML recently compiled data from Pennsylvania State Police and found that 20,200 residents were arrested for marijuana possession last year. If you or a loved one faces a marijuana charge, Wyland Law Group can help you navigate Pennsylvania’s [...]

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The Consequences of Getting a DUI While on Probation: Expert Information

If you receive a DUI while on probation from a previous charge, the consequences can be severe – especially if the terms of your probation specifically prohibit alcohol abuse. It’s possible that you will face jail time, have your probation revoked, and face charges on additional crimes. The best course of action is to consult with a legal team to [...]

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Out of State DUI Conviction Handling in Pennsylvania

How Will Pennsylvania Treat My Out of State DUI Conviction? If you are faced with an out of state conviction of driving under the influence (DUI), what happens? Will Pennsylvania suspend your driver's license? The department of motor vehicles in every state has its own process of dealing with DUI cases. Your driving license might get suspended, and you [...]

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DUI With A CDL in Pennsylvania

Here Is What You Need To Know if You Get a DUI With a CDL in Pennsylvania If you have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) in Pennsylvania, DUI charges work a little differently than with a non-commercial driver’s license. This is because commercial drivers are held to a higher standard--after all, they are trained professionals who are paid to be [...]

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Pennsylvania Boating Under the Influence Laws Get More Strict This Summer

With Summer Beginning, Stricter Pennsylvania Boating Under the Influence Laws Are Sought After As summer is starting to kick in, Pennsylvania is beginning to seek changes that can keep people safer while outdoors. Since many people spend their day outdoors during the summer, it is important to keep people safe in the water as they are on the road and [...]

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Police Need to Show Actual Impairment Under New Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana DUI Laws

New Medical Marijuana DUI Bill Will Make Police Have To Prove Actual Impairment In Pennsylvania As years pass by, more people are beginning to see how beneficial medical marijuana can be. For this reason, many doctors are now actually prescribing medical marijuana to people to help them with a list of various health problems.  Since medical marijuana is something that [...]

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Criminal Defense Strategy In McKees Rocks, PA

What Are Your Rights If You Are Arrested In McKees Rocks, PA? If you are arrested in McKees Rocks, PA, you have certain unalienable rights. But what are those rights exactly? And how should you use them? Should you remain silent, for example? These are questions that many McKees Rocks residents have. As experienced criminal defense attorneys, the Wyland [...]

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