When facing the law due to drug offenses, fraud, theft, or any other criminal charges, it is imperative to get the best criminal defense attorney on your side. 

Yet, many criminal defense attorneys are of this type, so deciding to hire the right one is a bit daunting. Not all of them are the same or can be the right fit for your particular case. For this reason, here are a few tips to help you find the best criminal defense attorney in McKees Rocks, PA.

Hire an Attorney Specializing in Criminal Law in McKees Rocks, PA

While law deals with an extensive system of rules and regulations, specific laws apply to your particular situation. Therefore, it is important to find an attorney that specializes in criminal law. 

Go further and find one that specializes in the unique nature of your case. For instance, while a family lawyer is generally conversant with family law, it is not prudent to hire them if you face drug-related charges.

Find a lawyer who is up to date with courtroom rules and procedures, federal law, as well as any statutory changes about your criminal charges. A criminal defense lawyer will give you a better fighting chance in court.

Hire an Attorney with Experience in the Local Courts

While experience is key when hiring a defense lawyer’s services, having particular expertise with the court where your case will be heard is a big plus. 

For instance, if you are McKees Rocks, PA, they should be familiar with how the local courts in Pennsylvania work, how the prosecutors and judges operate, how local law works, as well as the procedure. This is because different courts have their policies. They have unique staff members too. Knowing all of these is advantageous to your case.

Hire a Law Firm with a Good Track Record

In your quest to find the best criminal defense law firm in McKees Rocks, PA, it is important to check out the track record of success for your prospective lawyer. While they may have a lot of experience in the courtroom, how do they perform during a trial? Are they successful in court during trials or when negotiating the best plea bargains?

Legal Experience of your Potential Counsel

They should have experience and a successful track record in fighting the charges you are facing. This entails doing thorough investigations and dedication in representing you. Ask the defense lawyer about their experience handling cases like yours in the past. You can also consult other reliable sources for more information about their services.

Check Out the Law Firm Rating

When searching for the best criminal defense lawyer, you should go for one with a good rating if you want a win in court. The two most recognized rating systems in this situation are Martindale Hubbell and Avvo.

  1. Martindale Hubbell

Martindale Hubbell is a source that is widely trusted and experienced in rating law firms and lawyers. The three ratings they use are:

  • AV – Which is the highest an attorney can achieve
  • BV – An average rating
  • Rating – Which is the lowest an attorney can receive

To achieve an AV rating, the defense attorney must consistently attain excellence in defending clients over a decade. Additionally, they must have exceptional reviews from past clients, judges, and other lawyers.

  1. Avvo

In this rating, a mathematical model calculates a law firm rating using the attorney’s profile information. Such information includes:

  • Their professional achievements
  • Their legal experience in the industry
  • Their recognition in the industry
  • Their disciplinary history

The Avvo rating ranges from 1.0 to 10.0, the latter being the best. Although few achieve the perfect ranking, the rating gives you an idea of where your potential criminal defense attorney near McKees Rocks, PA, stands.

Find a Defense Attorney who is Easy to Communicate With.

In any criminal case, communication is key if you stand a fighting chance against a prosecutor. Your prospective attorney should communicate and understand you clearly. 

It is important to be comfortable with them and be able to ask any questions you might have. Additionally, they should be open about whoever else is working with them in your case if you need to talk to them too.

Moreover, most criminal defense lawyers tend to use specialized legal jargon while communicating. This should not be the case when sharing with you. 

A good criminal defense lawyer should try to explain things to you in terms that you comprehend. You may also want to find out how often your prospective lawyer contacts their clients.

Read Testimonials and Reviews

Experience is most important, but hearing what other clients say about your potential criminal defense counsel is also essential. A good place to start would be your family and friends. If they have a criminal defense lawyer who represented them well in the past, then you should consider hiring them. 

However, if they do not know someone, make an effort to go to their website and peruse through the case results and testimonials. Ask them where you can find this information. Sites such as Google Plus or Yelp can be useful in finding out what past clients have to say about them.

First Impressions Give you Answers.

In your search for a good defense lawyer, consider how easy it is to get hold of them when you call their office for the first time. Consider whether your questions were adequately addressed during this time, or were you asked to call later? Depending on the responsiveness and respectfulness of the attorney, you will know whether they are a good fit for you.

A good criminal defense lawyer should understand what you are going through and promptly answer when you need legal advice. This initial interaction is a good indication of the attorney-client relationship you will have with your lawyer when you face the assistant district attorney.

Get the Best Criminal Defense Attorney McKees Rocks, PA has to Offer

Finding the right criminal defense lawyer for your legal needs can be tricky but very important. It is one of the most crucial decisions you can make when facing charges. Your future depends on the capable hands of the best defense in a court of law. 

To find the best criminal defense attorneys, visit or call Wyland Law Group at the law offices on 412-710-0013 if you need legal advice, for more information, or to get personalized legal representation.