The Wyland Law Group Explains The Consequences Of A DUI In Pittsburgh, PA

For many Pittsburgh, PA residents, driving under the influence (DUI) is associated with jail time and heavy fines. Unfortunately, a DUI in Pittsburgh, PA can mean much more than that. Here at the Wyland Law Group, we have handled many DUI cases, and we are well aware of all the potential consequences that can result from a DUI charge. In this article, we will examine the indirect consequences of a DUI in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

These are the consequences that will not be handed down in a Pennsylvania court. For those who want to know about DUI penalties in Pennsylvania, we have all the information you will need. If you have been charged with a DUI in Pittsburgh, PA, call a DUI lawyer at the Wyland Law Group today. We may be able to mitigate some of the more severe consequences of your DUI.

Job Loss/Difficulty Finding Employment

Aside from the state-imposed direct consequences of a DUI, DUI charges bring about many indirect consequences as well. In some cases, these indirect consequences can be even worse than the direct consequences of your DUI. A DUI charge’s effect on your employment, for example, can seriously jeopardize your future.

If you are required to serve jail time for your DUI, your employer may choose to simply terminate your employment and hire someone else. If you lose your license, it could make it difficult for you to show up to your job on time (if at all), which could also be grounds for termination. If your job requires a valid license, you may be looking at the immediate termination of your employment.

Not only can a DUI charge cause you to lose your job; it can also make your job search much more difficult. This is because your misdemeanor charge will show up on your criminal background check. Many companies in Pittsburgh, PA are reluctant to hire candidates with a criminal background, and they are within their rights to terminate the hiring process based on a DUI charge.

Increased Insurance Premiums

One of the more well-known consequences of a DUI in Pittsburgh is increased insurance premiums. Having even one DUI conviction on your record can increase your insurance premiums dramatically. This is because you will be considered a “high-risk” driver. There is even the possibility that your insurance company will choose to drop your policy altogether. To make matters worse, you will likely have a difficult time obtaining a new insurance policy. The truth is that most insurance companies will not want to cover you. This means that, even if you managed to avoid a license suspension, you may still have trouble driving due to a lack of car insurance. 

Getting Into College

Not only can a DUI conviction make it difficult for you to obtain employment; it can make it difficult for you to continue your education as well. This is one of the unfortunate realities of a DUI–it can put your dreams on hold. There is still a chance that you can get into the school of your choice even with a DUI charge, but many schools will end up denying you a spot in favor of students with clean records. This is because schools seek top candidates who they fill will best represent their institution, and they tend to be leery of anyone with a criminal record. 

If you are already in college, a DUI can mean the loss of a scholarship. Depending on the size of your scholarship, this could be one of the most costly consequences of a DUI in Pennsylvania (from a financial perspective). We have seen many promising students have to drop out of college because they lost their scholarship due to a DUI. A DUI can also result in you being suspended from a school that you are enrolled in. Suffice it to say, a DUI can wreck your educational career.

DUI And Relationships

A DUI conviction can also wreck your relationships. A prison sentence could separate you from your loved ones for a long time. This separation can seriously compromise your marriage/relationship with your significant other. We have seen many couples in Pittsburgh. PA break up or get divorced either during or after a prison sentence.

The stress associated with a DUI – especially financial stress – can also be a huge burden on your relationships. This will not only affect your relationship with your spouse or significant other–it will likely affect your relationships with all your friends and family members. If your friends and family have to drive you around because you no longer have a license or can no longer afford insurance, this will cause added stress.

Of course, stress and jail time can also make it more difficult to connect with your children. This is one of the saddest realities of DUI convictions: they have a way of tearing families apart. These are important relationships that are difficult to mend if broken.

Mandatory Alcohol Classes

Another consequence of a DUI conviction – one many Pittsburgh, PA drivers don’t think about – is mandatory attendance of alcohol highway safety classes. This may not seem like a huge consequence, compared to all the others that we have mentioned, but it too can make your life much more difficult. These classes – which are mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – will not be offered at your convenience. No matter how inconvenient it may be for you to get to attend these classes, you need to take them or you will face much more severe penalties. Having to take state-mandated highway safety classes can also cause difficulties for your job, education, and relationships. 

The Best Way To Avoid Consequences

These consequences are scary, as they are intended to be. Luckily, there is one foolproof way to avoid them: don’t drive drunk. If you have been charged with a DUI in Pittsburgh, your best bet is to call an experienced attorney at the Wyland Law Group. Remember: a DUI charge is not a conviction.