Next Steps After A DUI Charge

One of the most common questions that Western Pennsylvanians ask after being charged with DUI is, “What do I do now?” Your first step should always be to contact a DUI lawyer in Pittsburgh. You will want to contact a Pittsburgh law firm who will fight to get you the best possible outcome in court. Wyland Group is one such law firm in Pittsburgh. Your Pittsburgh DUI attorney will be able to walk you through what will happen next. We have listed a few options below.

Avoid Jail Time

Jail time is one of the biggest fears associated with DUI convictions in the Pittsburgh area. Fortunately, prison time after a DUI is not a foregone conclusion. Even if your DUI offense carries a mandatory prison term, it may be possible to avoid serving this term, through work release or house arrest. Both options are much more pleasant than spending time in the county prison. Your eligibility for such alternatives will depend heavily on the specific circumstances of your case, the steps you take to prepare your case, and the case you present to the court. 

How To Maintain Your Ability To Drive Following A DUI Conviction

Western Pennsylvanians are often surprised to discover that they may still be able to drive even after receiving a license suspension due to DUI. That is because a law recently went into effect (in 2017) that allows suspended drivers in Pennsylvania to drive using an Ignition Interlock system. This system requires you to perform a breathalyzer test before starting up your car. If you fail the test, your car will not start. While this might sound like a hassle, it is certainly preferable to not being able to drive at all. It should be noted that, while DUI law in Pennsylvania is based on a blood alcohol content of .08%, Ignition Interlock devices are able to detect much lower levels of alcohol in the system (as low as .025). 

You are only allowed to operate a vehicle with an Ignition Interlock system if you have an Ignition Interlock Limited License (IILL). Your Pittsburgh DUI attorney at Wyland Law Group will be able to help you determine if you qualify for an IILL. There are some factors that could prevent you from obtaining an IILL in Western Pennsylvania, such as:


  • You are not licensed to drive by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or any other state

  • Your operating privileges have been recalled and cancelled

  • You are seeking to operate a commercial motor vehicle


There are other factors that could prevent you from obtaining an IILL. Speak with your Western Pennsylvania DUI attorney at Wyland Law Group to learn more. 

What To Do If You Are Denied An IILL

If you are denied an IILL, you may petition PennDot for a hearing. There may be a fee associated with this hearing. Since IILL laws are relatively new, it is essential that you hire a DUI law firm in Pittsburgh (such as Wyland Law Group) that is well versed in the latest DUI laws.