For many people, turning 16 years old contains a rite of passage in which you take a test to get your license to drive. From that point on (if you pass your written and driving tests), you have the privilege of operating a motor vehicle on the roads all over the United States. As you become an adult and increase your level of responsibility, your driver’s license becomes much more than simply a way to get out on your own and have fun with friends. It becomes a vital part of your daily life.

Adults need a driver’s license in order to drive themselves to work, take their kids to school, care for yourself and your family, and do all of the things that need to be done as you go about your day in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. If your job hinges on your possession of a license to operate a motor vehicle (such as bus drivers or professional semi-truck drivers), having that license is a critical need. When certain circumstances happen that enable the government to suspend or revoke your driving privileges, that suspended license or revoked license can have devastating effects on your life and livelihood.

At the Wyland Law Group, our experienced Monroeville traffic ticket lawyers are here to help those who have had their licenses suspended or revoked file an appeal. Our criminal defense attorneys will examine the situation which led to your license suspension, help you deal with your legal issues including traffic offenses or traffic tickets, and provide you the legal services you need to appeal the suspended license.

Qualifications of a Good Pennsylvania Driver’s License Appeals Attorney

One of the most difficult decisions to make is choosing the right traffic ticket lawyer to work on your behalf. Not all law firms are created equally, and you may spend more time than necessary with a law firm that, in the end, will not be able to help you with your suspended license case. Discussing your claim with a personal injury lawyer in Allegheny County, for instance, is unlikely to be a useful way to utilize your limited time in the matter.

So, how do you pick the right law firm in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area for your traffic offenses and suspended or revoked license? You should make sure the criminal defense attorneys have the following qualifications before you put any time, effort, or energy into that law firm:

  • Years of experience in criminal law as well as dealing with suspended or revoked license issues
  • Expertise when it comes to appealing license suspension decisions in court
  • Knowledge of all types of license appeals (revocation appeals, medical appeals, refusal hearings, etc.)
  • Past successes in cases dealing with this particular issue that can be discussed
  • Updated training and continuing education in criminal defense and traffic law
  • Free consultation for the initial discussion of your case
  • Detailed attorney profiles available to read online
  • Availability to clients whenever it is needed during the legal process

When you find a Pennsylvania attorney that meets these criteria, you can then feel confident that your case will be in good hands.

Why Do I Need a Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Lawyer to Help with My License?

When it comes to the laws concerning DUI conviction, traffic crime, medical reasoning for license revocation, and other criminal charges related to a suspension or revocation of a license, you need an experienced attorney in Monroeville, PA, to provide you the legal advice and representation you need. The lack of a license can have devastating effects on your life and your family. To ensure that you are able to do everything possible to get your license back, search out and contact the office of a skilled legal professional.

At the Wyland Law Group in Monroeville, PA, our legal team is committed to helping you with your driving issue. When you hire an attorney from our law firm, you can rest assured that we will do everything we can do deal with fines, any driving offense, and any notice the city might have given you. Our legal office is dedicated to helping the citizens in Monroeville, PA, get custody of their licenses and work to keep them in the future.

When your life, family, and livelihood hinges on having the ability to drive your car legally, you do not want to entrust your case to just any attorney. It is critical that you find a lawyer with experience, expertise, training, skill, and a commitment to their clients. At the Wyland Law Group, we have all that and more!

Contact Our Monroeville, Pennsylvania, Criminal Law Experts

If you have been charged with a traffic crime or had your license suspended for any reason, contact the Pennsylvania lawyer at the Wyland Law Group. Our whole legal team works diligently to fight for your rights in a court of law, and we have the experience needed to achieve the best possible results. Our lawyer, Jacob W. Wyland, has experience working as a prosecutor and a private criminal defense attorney. That means he will be able to consider all sides of the case and determine the best defense for his clients. He is also committed to the belief that a charge does not mean his clients will be convicted.

If you or a loved one is dealing with a traffic crime or DUI charge and your license has been suspended or revoked, contact the Wyland Law Group in Monroeville, PA. Our whole team will stand by your side and be available to you whenever you need us. We are happy to walk you through the criminal defense process as well as the strategy we will employ to help you get your license returned to you. If you are in search of an exceptional lawyer in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, area, search no further than the Wyland Law Group.

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