Being arrested and indicted for a theft crime is very scary and can negatively change different aspects of your life. Although it’s not the ending to your case, being charged may signal the beginning of tough times ahead, leading to a guilty judgment resulting in severe repercussions such as hefty fines or a period behind bars. Taking on an experienced theft attorney with the right skills and effort is thus critical, and such a choice could lead to the delivery of exceptional results. Someone who understands the law, how it works and concentrates on your case first to guarantee that you will keep your head up at the end of the trial is exactly who you need.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you have the right theft defense attorney in Pittsburgh, PA, for your specific case

Check for legal experience in your counsel

This step will require you to do detailed research on the theft attorneys representing you for your crimes to provide criminal defense services. It entails consulting reliable sources to find more information about the legal counsel of your choice, experience, combined with a triumphant track record in dealing with the kind of charges you are accused of. A good track record is an indication that the theft attorney is right for the job. Theft lawyers should fight aggressively and do thorough investigations to protect you from facing possible penalties or jail time for the federal crimes you are accused of.

Choose a responsive lawyer:

When you are accused of committing theft, look for a lawyer who will begin work immediately when you reach out to them. Time is often of the essence when faced with theft charges, and finding an attorney who will be quick to pick your phone calls or email while arranging a meeting on the same day, could reflect the effort they will put into your case.

Insist on a clear fee structure:

A good attorney will provide you with a clear idea of what to expect in simple terms regarding their fee for services and cost of the case. A good law firm like Wyland Law Group will have genuine ways to price their services, avoiding confusion. However, a cheap lawyer is not always the best option, so you should make sure that the attorney of your choice is ready and qualified to provide a vigorous defense on top of being affordable.

Hire an attorney specializing in criminal law :

Finding a lawyer in the Pittsburgh area who deals specifically with the type of charges you are facing could boost you since the experience they possess equips them to present a solid case in court. Consider that law is a broad profession that has different rules and regulations whereby your situation has specific legal guidelines to follow. A civil lawyer, for instance, may find it difficult to represent you in a criminal case effectively. Hire a criminal lawyer specializing in the unique nature of the crime committed and help you fight theft accusations against you. You also need one that is updated on courtroom rules and procedures, federal law, as well as any statutory changes about your criminal charges to prevent you from serving prison time. When it comes to criminal law, Wyland Law Group has the best crop of lawyers who will go all the way to ensure you get the representation you deserve. Choosing a lawyer from the best firms is not a guaranteed get-out-of-jail-free card, but it gives you a good chance of getting the best representation and having your innocence pleaded to completion.

Hire an attorney with experience in the local courts:

Having lawyers with experience, who have worked before in the court where your case is being heard is an added advantage. This is because they are familiar with local laws, how local courts operate, and procedures to be followed. Their relationship with staff members from the local court helps them maneuver legal policies, which would benefit your case.

Look for a theft attorney in Pittsburgh, PA from a law firm with a good track record:

Criminal defense lawyers might have experience in the courtrooms due to the years they have practiced law. But looking at their negotiation tactics, ability to arrive at a reasonable plea bargain, and other indications of the success they’ve had in court could gives you a clear indication of how good their track record is with theft offense cases. Finding the best criminal defense attorneys requires you to look for a good track record in winning cases and negotiating the best terms for you. This is where Wyland Law Group comes in. If in need of the best representation, it is the only law firm that comes to mind.

Gauge their enthusiasm:

A good lawyer must be eager to start work on your case immediately and show a certain level of interest and enthusiasm. They should conduct thorough investigations telling you when it’s best to go to trial and when to accept a plea with the best of your interest put first.

Find a Pittsburgh defense attorney who is easy to communicate with:

Proper communication with your prospective theft attorney creates a healthy attorney-client relationship and could be key to having a fighting chance against the theft charges. Having this ensures that you can ask any questions you might have. Good communication with an experienced theft attorney allows the legal counsel to disclose important matters on who they are working within the case. Good criminal defense attorneys should be able to explain theft charges in a way that you can understand according to the law and can also resonate with the layman.

Get a lawyer with courtroom confidence:

It is important to have a lawyer who has the experience to object in split seconds that could eventually have a major impact on the trial’s outcome. this means that they know court rules and regulations that accompany such acts in court. During a meeting with potential attorneys, how they dress, fluency in a language, and general presentation could tell you a lot about an attorney. If their appearance impresses you, they might do the same in court.

Read testimonials and reviews:

Getting different opinions from different people about your potential criminal defense attorneys could be critical in ensuring victory in your case. Experience is important, but hearing what other clients say about different theft lawyers is essential. Asking friends and family could be a good place to start searching for information about a theft attorney. If you don’t know anything specific about an attorney, you can visit their website and review case results and testimonials. At Wyland Law Group the testimonials explain why you should choose our attorneys to handle your case.

What are the different types of theft conviction?

It is considered a theft offense when you are accused of taking someone’s movable property to dispossess it from the rightful owner through burglary or robbery. In Pittsburgh, PA, you have a right to keep what’s yours, and if someone commits a theft offense and takes another person’s belongings or immovable property, it is considered a federal crime. Stolen property theft charges could range from misdemeanor offenses with minimal punishment but escalate to a felony offense for a serious crime if it involved valuable property.

Pennsylvania law differentiates a felony based on incidents during the crime or the value of property stolen from the rightful owner. Some of the common theft crimes in Pennsylvania include motor vehicle theft, burglary, forgery, and retail theft, where someone picks and carries merchandise from a store without paying. Switching tags or destroying them is also considered to be retail theft.

There are different factors to consider when being charged for a theft offense, such as type and value of the stolen property, criminal record, and whether you used force or threats. Theft charges are identified as:

1.      Third-degree misdemeanor theft– if the value was less than $50

2.      Second-degree misdemeanor theft– if the value ranges from $50 to $199

3.      First-degree misdemeanor theft– if the value ranges from $200 to $2000

4.      Third-degree felony theft– when the value ranges from $2001 to $99999

5.      Second-degree felony theft– when the value ranges from $100000 to $499999

6.      First-degree felony theft– when the value is $500000 or more

Given the harsh financial outcome that arises with theft offenses, it is important that you contact experienced Pittsburgh attorneys to work on your felony charge. For free consultation, visit Wayland Law Group and get a lawyer that will offer value for money.

A summary offense crime will most likely result in a fine or community service punishment. For third and second-degree misdemeanor crimes, you could face one or up to two years in jail, respectively, while a first-degree misdemeanor will land you a sentence of up to five years in prison. Therefore, getting someone with the greatest chances of getting the charges dropped, a fair deal, or a not guilty verdict.

For crimes such as burglary charges, you face up to seven years or a maximum of ten years in prison, as is the case for a third and second-degree felony respectively. Entering a building with the intent of committing a crime will lead you to be charged with a burglary felony. Charges will also vary for burglary if there were people inside and whether you committed any bodily harm to them. A burglary felony that involves rape or injuries to an individual will have heavier consequences.

First-degree felony such as identity theft, where a person acquires someone else’s personal or financial information to make unauthorized transactions to commit fraud, can result in up to 20 years in prison for the person charged.

It is key that you work with the right criminal defense lawyer, as your future will be in the hands of the individual most prepared and qualified to offer you the best defense in a court of law. Wyland Law Group has the most respected Pittsburgh criminal defense lawyers who represent clients and help them avoid hefty fines and unfair penalties.

Get the best law firm to handle your theft defense

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