We Discuss The DUI Preliminary Hearing Process In Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA DUI preliminary hearings remain a mystery for most local residents. We will examine some of the most common questions regarding DUI preliminary hearings in Pittsburgh, PA. These questions include:

  • Will I lose my license?
  • Will I go to jail?
  • Will there be a District Attorney at the hearing?
  • What does a DUI lawyer do?

We will answer these questions, and clear up points of confusion regarding Pittsburgh, PA DUI preliminary hearings. 

Will You Lose Your License?

One of the biggest concerns that Pennsylvania residents have when it comes to preliminary hearings is whether they will lose their license. Losing your license can disrupt your life in a big way. Fortunately, you will not lose your license on the spot at a DUI preliminary hearing.

That is because your license cannot be revoked by a Magisterial District Judge, a police officer, or the District Attorney. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, only PennDOT can revoke your license, and only after a conviction or refusal.

Will You Go To Jail?

The biggest concern that Pittsburgh residents have is whether or not they will go to jail immediately following a DUI preliminary hearing. Again, the answer is no. The only reason you would go to jail following a DUI preliminary hearing is if you have an outstanding warrant for something else. Even if your DUI charges are forwarded to a trial court, you would not go to jail immediately following your preliminary hearing.

Will There Be A District Attorney At The Hearing?

Pennsylvanians often wonder if a District Attorney (DA) will be present at the preliminary hearing. In this case, the answer is “maybe.” A DA is not required to be present at a DUI preliminary hearing, but a DA could be present at the hearing, depending on the jurisdiction. Essentially, this question varies on a county-by-county basis.

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What Does A DUI Lawyer Do?

One question that we often receive is, “What does a Pittsburgh, PA DUI lawyer do at a preliminary hearing?” The answer is, “a lot.” First of all, a Pittsburgh, PA DUI attorney will fight to have your DUI charges dismissed. A Pittsburgh DUI lawyer will use all the resources at their disposal (including law, science, and plain old common sense) to get your DUI charges dismissed.

If the charges are not dismissed, your DUI lawyer in Pittsburgh will attempt to create a reasonable doubt in the mind of the arresting officer and/or prosecutor. If reasonable doubt is established, the arresting officer or prosecutor will likely drop the case before it can go to a jury trial.

Because of the services that a Pittsburgh, PA DUI attorney can provide, it is essential that you hire one before your preliminary hearing. Here in Pittsburgh, PA, The Wyland Law Group comes highly recommended.

The Wyland Law Group does a great job of stopping preliminary hearings from becoming jury trials.

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