Finding a good criminal defense lawyer to represent you is often an uphill task for many people. Normally, criminal defense lawyers differ and choosing the best to represent you can be challenging. However, asking the right questions can help you narrow down your options. Below we share crucial questions before hiring a criminal defense attorney in Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania.

Who Is a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

A criminal defense attorney is a lawyer who has undergone training in defending people or companies against criminal offenses. They normally probe the facts and research the case concerning their client’s criminal conviction.

What Are the Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney?

It is vital to ask the right questions before hiring Pittsburgh criminal lawyers to increase your chance of winning your criminal case. These important questions include:

What are the years they have been in practice as a defense lawyer?

This should be one of the first questions you need to ask your lawyer to get to know them. Although it looks like an obvious question, it is vital to be answered. This will prompt the defensive lawyer to automatically tell you about their career in the criminal justice system. In addition, getting to answer this question, you be able to know the following;

  • The university or institution where they got to pursue criminal law
  • The Jurisdiction where they are practice law with their license
  • The period they have been practicing as a defense attorney and their rank within the law practice or membership in the national trial lawyers.
  • The frequency they had handled criminal cases like yours and what was their profession before they became a defense lawyer.

How many people will be handling your criminal case?

When dealing with a criminal lawyer, you should be ready to deal with more than one individual. Normally a criminal defense lawyer works with a team of paralegals to help them with your criminal case. When you ask this question, you will be able to get clarity on the number of individuals that will operate and be aware of your sensitive information during the period of the criminal case. Getting answers to this question will enable you to be mindful of the following;

  • The size of your attorney legal team
  • The exact number of people you will be in contact with during the case
  • The people privileged to acquire your private details
  • Whether they deal with their documentation or it is delegated to certain individuals

What is their specialization within the practice of criminal law?

Criminal defense law is diverse and has several categories. Criminal defense law usually covers small narcotic offenses, sexual offenses, sex crimes, unlawful possession, and arson charges. Before hiring a criminal defense attorney, you need to know what areas they have specialized in, such as criminal appeals. This will increase the chances of a better presentation. Choosing the best defense attorney who has the experience and specializes in your case will boost your confidence in winning a case against your criminal conviction.

What will be the charges and mode of payment?

This is one of the vital questions you must ask before hiring criminal attorneys to work on your case. You will get to know if you will be able to cater to the costs and understand the mode of payment they work with, which can be cash, mobile payment, or bank transfer. In addition, you will get an opportunity to strike a bargain on the payment amount and know the duration anticipated for full payment. Having asked this question, you have confidence that your attorney will fully focus on your case without any payment distractions.

What will the frequency of communication with the defense attorney?

It is critical for you and your criminal lawyer to establish a clear communication channel. A clear communication channel with your criminal attorney will build trust since they will hold your sensitive information on the case. In addition, you will be able to clarify when and how to get them and when you will get an update regarding your case. This will boost your executive attorney-client relationship.

What period will the criminal case take?

Your attorney should lay out all the processes involved in state and federal courts for you. Knowing the period your criminal case will take will enable you to understand the stages and procedures to expect. In some cases, criminal cases may last over a decade. In addition, this will allow you to keep your finances to sustain either a lengthy or short criminal case.

How many cases have they handled similar to yours?

This is a key question as you need to understand and know the capability of your defense attorney. It will boost your confidence going into the case since you know the criminal lawyer will be able to handle the case. In addition, attorneys who have experience in criminal cases will easily identify loopholes in the criminal investigation and make you win the case.

What will be the result of the case?

An experienced criminal defense attorney should be able to tell you the result of the case since they have experience handling a similar case to yours. This will prove whether the attorney can be trusted or are just money-oriented. Normally the answer should be a no; even if they are the former assistant district attorney, criminal cases outcome are usually uncertain.

What details will be needed from you during the case?

Before leaving the lawyer’s office, you need to inquire what details will be required of you and be able to obtain them early to aid your case. The best criminal lawyers always look ahead, and that’s why they win cases.

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