Getting arrested and charged with a theft crime can be frightening due to its implications. A guilty verdict could result in spending time behind bars or paying hefty fines. You also have to deal with reputational damage, especially if you aim for a political or public position.

The damage of a theft conviction can affect those who merely want to obtain employment in various roles. A first-degree felony theft, second-degree felony theft, or a third-degree felony theft conviction can significantly impact one’s life.

Whether classified as identity theft or retail theft, it is best to have an attorney-client relationship that helps you with your concerns if you have been involved in a stolen property matter.

With the right theft attorney, you can work the odds in your favor and survive this ordeal without any repercussions. This guide will discuss what to look for in a theft attorney in Pittsburgh, PA.

Experience and expertise

Depending on what you stole, a theft crime can be a felony or misdemeanor. A seasoned defense attorney knows the difference between these two and can have the charges reduced from felony to misdemeanor.

Whether the theft offenses are classified as a third-degree felony or a second-degree felony, it is best to work with experienced theft attorney representatives that can handle the theft charges.

This singular act could profoundly impact years, even if you get off with a not guilty verdict. You need to pay attention to your counsel’s legal experience and expertise. You want a counsel that wins more than they lose. A good way to start is to determine how often they handle cases similar to yours and their success rate.


When it comes to cases like theft and crime, time is of the essence. Your lawyer needs to begin combing through evidence and dissecting the charges thoroughly. There are many cases where a brilliant examination of the charges filed against you is sufficient to end the case.

However, this only works if your counsel is responsive and proactive. Ideally, you want a counsel that is constantly exploring different angles and is open to updating you on their progress in your case.

Transparent fee structure

You might be accused of theft, but that doesn’t mean a lawyer should try to swindle you through a murky fee structure. From the onset, demand that you have a clear idea of what you will pay.

Of course, good lawyers will make this clear before you ask. If your lawyer defers answering this question, they might not be transparent. From our experience, people looking for dirt-cheap attorney services often fall into this trap as the attorney looks for shady ways to recoup their fees.

Find a criminal law attorney in Pittsburgh

While this seems like common sense, many people often approach lawyers specialized in other areas or jurisdictions to represent them in criminal cases. This could spell disaster for your case.

Why? Criminal law is extensive and requires extensive research, experience, and network. Someone who doesn’t specialize in criminal law may not have the knowledge, experience, and resources to defend your case.

Inviting a lawyer out of Pittsburgh is equally a no-no. If the responses from our clients are anything to go by, there are plenty of great criminal defense lawyers in Pittsburgh.


Your counsel may be the expert on matters of the law, but your life and finance are on the line. You could face jail time or hefty fines if the case goes south. Your life plans will also be placed on hold, perhaps permanently.

This is why you need a lawyer that is open to communicating with you. Of course, you can’t pester your lawyer round the clock for updates. Still, you should get updates regularly; and your lawyers should be easily accessible when you want to discuss something that worries you or have a piece of evidence that might help your case.

Get the right law firm in Pittsburgh to handle your case

It is best not to have theft accusations or a criminal record. In some theft offenses, one may face up to seven years or more in prison. It is best to work with a criminal defense lawyer at the Wyland Law Group in such a situation.

You can always get the right criminal defense attorney by hiring the services of the right  Pittsburgh criminal defense law firm, the Wyland Law Group. At the Wyland Law Group, we have decades of experience in the courtroom and off legal courtroom practice. We have handled different cases ranging from DUIs to theft and robbery cases.

If you need a reliable criminal defense service in Pittsburgh, do not hesitate to give us a call. We will listen to you and protect your best interests.

Our legal counsel is here to fight aggressively in your favor.