Know Your Rights Concerning DUI Checkpoints

Pittsburgh, PA DUI checkpoints are a major source of frustration. But are they necessary? This is a question we get all the time. We thought we would answer it here. It is important to know your rights concerning Pittsburgh, PA DUI checkpoints. 

Turning Around

If you do spot a DUI checkpoint in Pittsburgh, PA, you do have the right to turn around, assuming it is safe to do so. That said, this can be a risky maneuver, as it could draw attention to yourself. Police in Pittsburgh are used to drivers turning around at DUI checkpoints and may follow you if you make a U-Turn or turn down a side street. If you violate a traffic law while turning around, you will be especially likely to draw the attention of the police.

What If You Ignore The Signals?

Many Pittsburgh, PA residents think that they can plead ignorance, ignoring the officer’s signals to stop as they approach the DUI checkpoint. It’s not that easy. When approaching a DUI checkpoint in Pittsburgh, you are being given a lawful order and are required to obey it. If you blow through a DUI checkpoint, you should expect to have a police officer on your tail. You will not be cited for failure to stop at the checkpoint, but you may be cited for any traffic violations you commit while going through the checkpoint (such as speeding). You can also be fairly certain that the officer(s) will suspect you of intoxication and could perform sobriety tests.

Knowing Your Rights When You Stop

Always remember that your constitutional rights are still in effect when you stop at a Pittsburgh, PA DUI checkpoint. This means:

  • You are not required to consent to a vehicle search
  • You are not required to answer questions
  • You are only required to provide identifying information and basic facts

All of this can be easy to forget when you see all the flashing lights. Add to this the fact that the police officer will likely do everything in his or her power to get you to consent to a search. You need to keep in mind, however, that your constitutional rights exist to protect you and should always be observed.

Our Best Advice Concerning DUI Checkpoints

Our best advice concerning DUI checkpoints in the Pittsburgh area is to never drive drunk, or even “buzzed”. It’s that simple. With so many ride-sharing apps and other modes of transportation available, it is easy to find a safe way home after a night out. A DUI conviction in Pennsylvania can wreck your future. If you are booked on a DUI charge in this area, remember to call an experienced Pittsburgh, PA DUI law firm such as Wyland Law Group. Your Pittsburgh, PA lawyer will fight for you throughout your case. Wyland Law Group has handled countless DUI cases here in the Pittsburgh, PA area.