What You Should Know If You’re Arrested For Pennsylvania DUI

Have You Been Arrested For DUI In Pennsylvania? Here’s What You Should Know If you’ve been arrested with a DUI in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, you likely have a lot of questions, especially if it is your first DUI arrest. In our experience, the first question that many Pennsylvanians have after being arrested for a DUI for the first time [...]

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Beating A DUI Charge In Pennsylvania

DUI Charges In Pennsylvania Do Not Always Stick Many Pennsylvania residents think that, if they are charged with a DUI, fines and potential prison time are sure to follow. While DUI charges do carry the risk of fines and imprisonment, such penalties are (fortunately) not guaranteed. That is because DUI charges are won or lost in Pennsylvania court. Of course, [...]

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What is a DUI Preliminary Hearing? Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania DUI Law.

We Discuss The DUI Preliminary Hearing Process In Pittsburgh, PA Pittsburgh, PA DUI preliminary hearings remain a mystery for most local residents. We will examine some of the most common questions regarding DUI preliminary hearings in Pittsburgh, PA. These questions include: Will I lose my license? Will I go to jail? Will there be a District Attorney at the hearing? [...]

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When Is Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) Right?

Find Out If Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Is The Right Choice For You Many Pittsburgh residents believe that Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) will get them out of jail if they are convicted of a DUI. Some people see this program as a lifetime “get out of jail free card.” While ARD does have many benefits, it does not quite work this [...]

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New Pennsylvania Driver’s License Suspension Reform Law

Governor Wolf signed into law House Bill 163 on October 24, 2018, which removes driver’s license suspension as a penalty for certain non-violent crimes that are not related to driving. These include minor drug offenses, using a fake ID, misrepresentations of age to buy alcohol, underage drinking, purchase of tobacco by a minor, and failing to pay child support.  [...]

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